Terms of Service

The Bridal BFF Terms of Service

Mariah will:

  • Respond quickly and succinctly to any attempts to reach her, as possible for her
  • Offer advice in the form of life skills and CBT/DBT techniques
  • Offer spiritual advice if her beliefs align with the signer
  • Use questions and reasoning to help design the signer’s dream wedding
  • Help with wedding planning as she sees fit
  • Maintain healthy boundaries with the signer according to their relationship and what Mariah’s time is worth
  • Meet in person if possible and reasonable, and according to Mariah’s schedule
  • Be a source of care and support

Mariah will not:

  • Stay up past a reasonable time to help
  • Offer advice she knows is bad
  • Offer spiritual advice to someone she knows does not have those kinds of beliefs
  • Speak poorly of the signer
  • Ignore the signer for no reason
  • Overstep boundaries intentionally
  • Allow the signer to overstep boundaries
  • Go into a situation she feels is unsafe for her
  • Overstep her personal boundaries and give when she has nothing to give, both as a safety precaution to herself and the signer

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