Starting Rates

These are the options we start with. If you’d like to customize your own, let me know! Add together everything you want to figure out your weekly total. Each one is good for the course of seven days, unless specified as an hourly basis. Comment or message me for questions!

  • Texting Buddies $50
  • Phone Call (by the hour) $20
  • Hangout Buddies (by the hour) $25
  • Wedding Planner $50 one time fee and $50 for that week and every subsequent week
  • Wedding Designer (by the hour) $20
  • Attend Your Wedding FREE

Texting Buddies: To be Texting Buddies involves having access to Mariah’s personal cell phone number. You can text her anytime for advice and she’ll answer as soon as she can with you as her top priority, whenever possible.

Phone Call: this is an hourly charge. Mariah may request you do a phone call if the things you’re texting about are too weighty to be conversed via text. You will get the most out of phone calls in this case, as Mariah will be literally at your beck and call for that time period versus only texting back as available.

Hangout Buddies: this is also an hourly charge. Anything that requires Mariah to look presentable and any time spent in person is counted as hanging out.*

Wedding Planner: this involves researching wedding-related services and setting up appointments for you or passing their information on to you. This does not involve going with you to the appointments. Doing so would fall under “Hangout Buddies.” The one-time fee is to assess what kind of wedding you’d like, and after that it’s a fee to do research and contact businesses for you.

Wedding Designer: this is an hourly charge. Mariah is working on a program to help you discover what details will create your dream wedding. This happens via phone. Upgrade to “Hangout Buddies” pricing to do it in person or via video call.

Attend Your Wedding: Mariah would be happy to attend your wedding for free! Just know that if she’s double-booked that day, she may not be able to go. Talk to her if you’d rather pay her to show up at your wedding than do anything else, but she would like to be there for free if she can.

*Anything that involves Mariah to appear presentable may be allowed a discounted rate if you buy her food, etc.

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