Ready to Meet Your Bridal BFF?

Mariah as a Businesswoman

Mariah loves symbolism. She also knows what questions to ask you to help you uncover what elements to incorporate into the design of your wedding to make it something really special.

Mariah’s friends and associates describe her as intelligent and wise. She uses these traits to the best of her ability to help others.

Mariah is also going to school for a Bachelor’s in Applied Business Management. She uses these skills and lessons to help her manage this business wisely. Though Mariah has started countless ‘businesses’ over the last twenty years, this is her first real one, and she’ll do everything she can to make sure it succeeds along with you.

Have any suggestions for books or resources for Mariah? Feel free to let her know!

Mariah Potts

Hi! I use skills learned from life coaching, CBT, and DBT to help you survive and thrive in the most exciting months of your life. I can also help you design your most meaningful wedding.

Mariah as a Friend

Mariah spent most of her life dealing with untreated mental illness. Now she’s happy and healthy and wants to help others make the most of their lives by helping them learn everything she learned the hard way.

Mariah takes everything on a case by case basis. Just as rates can be individual, so can the help that she gives you.

As an avid Christian, Mariah will only bring her higher powers into the conversation if they’re your higher powers, too.

In the meantime, Mariah has participated in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and life coaching, and has learned many great skills from those that she’s happy to pass on as a friend, if you need them. She’s also always learning and researching more in order to help herself and those around her.